David and Brandon

Our Story

Brandon and David met through a mutual friend and David's roommate at the time. A casual night out and a few drinks at the local Minneapolis drinking establishment (none other than the Saloon!) led to Brandon getting David's number and their first date at Wilde Roast Cafe. As persistent as Brandon was to try to get to know this guy, David's love for aviation and his NGPA family immediately came in the way of them going on a second date, as David was off to to the NGPA Cape Cod Classic. Then of course, we have to throw in a family vacation and a long international trip with Omni Air to make the "get to know you" phase even more challenging, but rewarding in the end. At last, David returned to Minneapolis, and a second date turned into a 3rd, 4th and 5th date (as required by Captain Dru Dunwoody!)

David was quickly introduced to Brandon's roommate Abbey, and before long - he was a frequent visitor with his own key to their condo. Little by little the clothes started to accumulate and pile up, so they decided to visit Mike at Ikea and experience the first real test of their relationship - building Ikea furniture together! Though challenging, the project was a success, and David now had a dresser to put some of the clothes that were "accidentally" being forgotten at Brandon's condo.

Eight years later and Brandon's dresser remains neatly organized (shall we say... OCD) while David's is exploding with chaos (with the likely excuse that he lives out of a suitcase!) - but the differences and similarities make these two men inseparable.

Throughout their relationship, they have fought alongside the LGBTQ community by marching in parades and being present at State Capitol's in Minnesota and Hawaii to fight for the right to marry. This celebration is not only for David and Brandon – it’s a celebration of love and equal rights for the entire LGBTQ community.

They can't wait to take this next journey together with their friends and family, and to celebrate their story of love and life!
Sarah Curry