Wedding Party


Brandon's Best Man

Brandon and Chad's friendship began aboard a party bus (complete with stripper pole!) - and the fun times haven't stopped! Only a few weeks later a Uhaul is parked in the alley and sure enough, Chad became the newest member of the gayborhood. We welcomed Chad's moving crew with a few cocktails and the friendship began. Progressive dinners, game nights, and our gatherings to watch our favorite TV shows are all made special with Chad's unique flair and attention to detail. Chad has been an uncle to our kittys and the interior decorator to our entire friend group, but most importantly, his rock solid friendship with Brandon and David has been instrumental through the years.


David's Best Man

Chris and David met back in 2008 where they both started at Mesaba Airlines as new hire pilots. Through the up's an down's (pun-intended) of their career, they’ve shared fun moments like sitting outside a closed restaurant on Thanksgiving to use internet while sitting reserve, to exploring Hawaii or being an ally for David's second family, NGPA. Chris has welcomed Brandon into the friendship and has seen the couple grow as their love blossomed over the years. He is delighted to help celebrate with them on their big day as they did with him several years back. Chris has officially achieved “daddy” status as the proud father of two adorable children with his beautiful wife Erin.


Wedding Party

Friends are the family you get to choose for yourself, and while David and Brandon did not have sisters growing up, Abbey became the sister they never had. Brandon’s ties to Abbey began in college when he and Abbey’s twin sister performed and danced together. Years later, Brandon’s move to Minneapolis and his search for a roommate united them for years to come. One of the first people to meet “Brandon and David,” she knew their bond was special. Carrying Abbey or swapping into her high heel shoes so she could walk home easier was no big deal – something any sibling would do for a sister! As roommate and friend she’s been present through it all – and Abbey’s support and “womanly advice” have been critical to the success of their relationship!


Wedding Party

It's not every day you make lifelong friends in the elevator, but this one we did. Brad moved into the same condo building in Minneapolis, but it wasn't until our annual Pride party that we crossed paths and were able to build a friendship. With a knock on the door and an invite to the party, the gayborhood group began! Throughout Brad's journey from West Coast to East Coast and everything in between our friendship has remained. We can always count on Brad for the pear and walnut salad for our gaybor dinner nights, or that delicious after-bar broccoli pizza (that is… when he's not stealing all of Brandon's Oreo cookies!)


Wedding Party

Sarah? Emily? Oh wait, it’s Erin! The latest addition to the neighborhood (and sadly, the first to move away to the burbs) we joked that we would forget her name after she moved away. Of course, her passion for life and big heart make her impossible to forget! Living upstairs above Chad, she became the final addition to the gayborhood dinners and game nights. Even though she is the reason our group text thread is green and not blue (there’s always one!), we love Erin for her friendship, support, and most of all, her personality which makes every neighborhood friends adventure fun and memorable!


Wedding Party

Dustin has been Brandon and David's friend, roommate in Minneapolis, and extra uncle to their cat Piper, for the past two years. Dustin and his boyfriend Jordan have become the friends you can count on to vent to, laugh, cry, and depend upon, no matter the time of day.


Wedding Party

In Hawaiian culture, the word ʻohana means family, and when Hawaiian Airlines hired David, Lesli was one of the first to welcome David and Brandon into her ‘ohana. The move to Hawaii was amazing, but often meant days and weeks apart - including holidays. Lesli opened her door and her heart, often welcoming David to her home when he was in Hawaii for the holidays, and they enjoyed extended time together in Australia where one of Hawaiian’s training simulators was located. Whenever Brandon was able, he would join in the fun. Whether hiking in Hawaii or hanging out with kangaroos in Brisbane, amazing memories were created and the bond of family grew. Lesli has been a rock for David and Brandon through all their adventures in life, and they can't wait to have her join as a part of their special day.


Wedding Party

Bill was one of the first people Brandon and David met in Hawaii when they moved there in 2012. Bill was too a midwest native and helped welcome them with that Minnesota nice attitude. Bill owned an italian resturant on the island of Oahu, where Brandon, David, out of town and local friends and family would frequent. Bill became a life long friend and mentor of Brandon and David, and now resides post retirement in San Miguel, Mexico.



The grooms have known David for almost 10 years. A man of sound integrity and faith, David has been a strong supporter and friend to the couple through their adventures in life. They can always count on David to pick up right where things left off amid the craziness that life and all the busy schedules brings. His steadfast support and encouragement is what makes this friendship so special (and he’s bound to make a few of us tear up as he speaks from his heart!) David was thrilled to be asked to be the Officiant for their ceremony and be a part of their special day.
Sarah Curry